Dead Teenagers came about due to three people – two Canadian podcasters and one English wife…
Whilst travelling one day earlier this year, MrsTerror and myself were listening to my Canadian horror podcast of choice (HorrorEtc if you’re interested – give it a try, it’s well worth it) – for some reason we started discussing how many horror films had been made. The conversation went something like this:

– ‘You should try to watch every horror film ever made.’
– ‘There’s far too many to watch all of them.’
– ‘Well, just start with one decade then…’

She meant it as an off-hand comment, which is curious – as I write this we’re approaching our 6th wedding anniversary, you’d think she’d know better by now. Anyway, the first step was deciding which decade, which didn’t take long – the 80s was clearly the most formative time of my youth. So I spent the next few months planning and acquiring a list of titles, according to the following:

  • Films must have had a cinematic release sometime between 1st January 1980 and 31st December 1989, and
  • Must feature in IMDb’s Horror category, and
  • Must have been produced, or co-produced, in at least one of these countries:
    • UK
    • Republic of Ireland
    • USA
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • New Zealand, and
  • Must be in the English language (MrsTerror isn’t good with subtitles)

So, we end up here. All things being equal, by about the end of 2012 there should be an entry on this site for each of the chosen films (467 at the moment – there are a lot which are unavailable, although that might expand if I can get hold of more titles) – the films themselves are listed on the pages linked above. If it turns out you like what I’m writing, you have Tony, Ted & MrsTerror to thank. If not, blame me – after all, they’re only my opinions…


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